Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Bit of History...

Every now and then I go back over my photos to see
what will work in B&W.
I play with them in LR...cropping more, tweaking this or that.
And of course, converting to B&W...
These were taken during one of my last excursions with
Tri-Community Photo School before they closed.
The Reagan Library.
I appreciate President Reagan much more now than I did then.
Whatever your political whim is...
the Reagan Library is an interesting and educational place to visit.

I love this up lifting...and so indicative of 
President Reagan's ideals.

Students learning about President Reagan's part in convincing  Russian President Gorbachev to take down the Berlin wall.

At the time of my visit (Feb. 2015), there was an additional exhibit
of vintage cars...which I was excited to photograph with my
new at the time, Fuji XT1.
Hard to do when you run out of memory on your memory card
and don't have any extra cards with you...
...the following photos were all shot with my iPhone 5!

Vintage cars work well in B&W, don't you think?

These days, people seem to forget that this is just what the police
are trying to do...

The tail end of the Presidential helicopter.

The library is located on President Reagan's ranch in
Simi Valley in California,
a beautiful area of Southern California.

These last two are my favorite shots of the day...
I still can't believe I shot these with my iPhone!!!

To view more B&W images from around the world...
click on the image and link below!

and for color images from around the world...
click on the image below!


  1. I love the last one! I have an iPhone 6 - and I don't like the camera at all :( I'm really impressed with the way you made your iPhone work!

    1. Thanks Dragonstar! I've since gotten an iPhone 8...even better pics! When you run out of memory cards, it's good to have your iPhone with you!!!

  2. Great images from your visit. My favorite image is the school learning class. :)

  3. My dad was a cop so I've felt some of the hate for them second hand and know what they put up with every day. As a lifelong democrat I hear you about Regan in comparison, it's kind of like how people have warmed up to George W., even miss him. Is that part of the Berlin wall? Don't we all miss Gorby too?

    1. Yes! It is part of the Berlin Wall! And yes...I think the world would be a better place with Gorby heading up Russia these days!


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